Just scrolling through some VIFF photos and reminiscing with myself…

1. Here’s me with the mayor of Chinatown. Or the mayor of a Chinese restaurant?

2. Just a lil portrait I shot UTILIZING AVAILABLE LIGHT.

3. Srsly, MK.

4. Can’t recommend this place highly enough.

5. Man did that badge make me feel like a rockstar. (The skinny mirror in our hotel room didn’t hurt either.)

It’s official.

All Ages is screening at the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival on Oct 7 + 10. Click here to get the dets + buy tickets!

Oct 10 is Canadian Thanksgiving, but I know you guys don’t care about that silly borrowed-from-the-US holiday anyway.

Come see the movie and spend your day off with me and Ricky (aka H-town) and Jon, my adorbs director of photography, who happens to have a tattoo of Long Island on his bicep (WHAAAAAAAT?)!

(Pictured: Danièle Watts and Melia Renee in All Ages)